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Creep is a complete, end-to-end, modern entertainment, post production studio.

Totally independent. Offering the most comprehensive and inclusive creative approach available, our one simple rule is that the creative comes first. Everything else is a means to an end.

We bring unparalleled tenacity, hunger, intelligence and experience to each and every project. We realise them to the full. We're the ultimate Swiss Army knife in your back pocket and unafraid to try new methods and means. Creep evolved from a production company, so we appreciate better than anyone else what production truly need from their post partners.

We are truly modern thinking. Sparked in the early days of digital and forged in the fires of fast-paced production, ever changing audiences, and ever evolving workflows.

We have emerged as a unique independent studio with incredible relationships to brands, agencies, production companies, broadcasters, studios, directors and creatives alike, for all their 21st century needs.

Welcome to the post-house, for the post post-house era.